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Offshore Daddy is providing the most reliable services to host your online asset outside your region. We are offering quality hardware to keep your website performance smooth. Our offshore servers will enable you to stand apart from the crowd and enjoy our comfortable hosting services.

An offshore dedicated server from our platform will be good for every type of online asset hosting. You can host your website or online store with full access to all resources. Offshore daddy is offering multiple types of servers like Offshore VPS Servers to provide you an extra layer of protection against DMCA strikes. Tap here to learn more and enjoy our best services.

Why Chose Offshore Dedicated Servers by OffshoreDaddy​

Offshore Locations

Our offshore servers are available for secured locations to give you freedom of speed via your platform.

Fault tolerant network

Enjoy uninterrupted services from our DMCA ignore servers in all conditions because of the premium quality system.

Guaranteed Privacy

OffshoreDaddy cares about your privacy and will never ask you for any personal details for our services.

Anonymous Payment Modes

Pay anonymously using bitcoins wallet or any other method without showing a real identity.

Great performance

We are working continuously to improve our services and provide great performance from our servers and hardware.

Great Uptime

You will never face the downfall of your website because of our hosting as we guarantee 99.999% uptime.

Scalable Hardware

Our servers are integrated with premium quality hardware to provide you with better services.

Full Control

OffshoreDaddy offers full control to all our customers to their offshore dedicated servers for maintenance of the performance.

Complete Freedom to choose from Multiple Offshore Locations

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Offshore Dedicated Servers

An offshore dedicated software will enable you to host your website in your desired region and access the server remotely. It has become common to host a website outside the actual region where someone is located. There are many reasons for using such offshore servers instead of local servers.

You will get the freedom of speech without facing regional restrictions or rules implementation on your work. Additionally, you can easily target the audience from your concerned country and improve your website performance by reducing the loading speed. There are many other types of servers like Offshore Streaming Servers that you can use for hosting your website.

It is a specific type of offshore server using which you can get full control over the resources of the server instead of sharing them with others.

In offshore VPS, you will get access to resources with other users and you have to share them with other websites. Dedicated servers will enable you to get full access to all its resources and host a website.

It means that your website will not be removed by getting DMCA strikes as other hosting companies do. We do care about your work and provide you with an extra layer of security to protect your asset.

We don’t ask for any personal details you can also pay anonymously. It will enable you to hide your identity by paying through bitcoins.

No, we don’t have any content limitations or restrictions. You can post or publish any type of content from our offshore hosting servers.

It won’t take much time to set up your servers from our platform. You only need to purchase the subscription plan and we will get it ready within a few seconds.

By OffshoreDaddy, you won’t need to wait for a long but you can instantly access your offshore dedicated server after purchasing.

Yes, our customers will get root access to their dedicated servers for the sake of their comfort and maintenance.

You can subscribe to our dedicated servers for a minimum of 1 month. The duration can be extended as per your demand.

OffshoreDaddy has a regular backup feature integrated with all its servers. If hardware fails due to technical problems, you can get your data back by using this service.

Yes, you can do this any time even after the subscription to any of the given plans. It means you can extend the hardware properties within a few minutes.

It depends on how much traffic you are expecting on your website and how much data storage you are looking for.

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