Acceptable Use Policy


General Statement

As a provider of Internet/World Wide Web access, web site hosting, and other Internet-related services, OffshoreDaddy (“the Company”) offers its customers, the means to acquire and disseminate a wealth of public, private, commercial, and non-commercial information.

We are a free speech internet service provider and, thus, the cost of that is that there may be content hosted on our servers that some people might find offensive. If we start taking down such web sites, then we are no longer a provider that promotes freedom of speech and content.

In order to protect these competing interests, the Company has developed this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), which supplements and explains certain terms of each customer’s respective service agreement and is intended as a guide to the customer’s rights and obligations when utilizing the Company’s services.

Please note that this Acceptable Use Policy is subjected to change and it is Customer’s responsibility to regularly check for modifications. (Customers, users, and visitors are referred collectively as Customer). You alone are responsible for all actions that occur during your use of OffshoreDaddy’s services, and you agree not to use your services for causes that are prohibited.

Prohibited Content

OffshoreDaddy is committed to provide NO DMCA hosting service and protect our clients from illegitimate copyright complaints. But, we do prohibit certain activities on our network that includes but not limited to;

  • Phishing Sites / Scam Sites (ex: Ebay/Paypal,CC/Password Scam sites).
  • Bestiality and child pornography.
  • Racism, hate speech and incitement to hostility and violence.
  • Fraud, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Pyramid schemes, or any other activities deemed to be fraudulent.
  • DDoS / AMP scanning / IP Spoofing & IP-Header Modification.
  • Promotes violence, illegal activity or discrimination based on sex, religion, nationality or religion.
  • Spamming and Bulk-mailing.
  • Creates the risk to a person’s safety or health, creates a risk to public safety or health, compromises national security, or interferes with a investigation by law enforcement.
  • Any other such activity that can result in SpamHaus listing.

Resource Usage

Shared Hosting

  • Use 20% or more of system resources for longer then 120 seconds (A few activities that could cause such problems include: CGI scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc).
  • More than 300 http(s) requests per 60 seconds.
  • Run any bit torrent application, tracker, or client.
  • Run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes.
  • Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server.

VPS Servers

  • Using VPS Servers explicitly for the Streaming / CDN purpose.

Dedicated Servers

  • Streaming / CDN is not allowed on normal Dedicated Servers and only allowed on special Streaming Servers.

Content Responsibilty

OffshoreDaddy takes no responsibility for any material created or accessible on or through OffshoreDaddy’s Networks and Services that is not posted by or at the request of OffshoreDaddy. OffshoreDaddy does not monitor nor exercise any editorial control over such material, but reserves the right to do so to the extent permitted by applicable law. OffshoreDaddy is not responsible for the content of any web sites other than OffshoreDaddy’s web sites, including for the content of web sites linked to such OffshoreDaddy’s web sites. Links are provided as Internet navigation tools only.

Failure to Comply

Failure to fully comply with these terms is grounds for account suspension and/or deactivation (with or without refund, subject to OffshoreDaddy’s discretion). Any accounts and/or servers contained within OffshoreDaddy’s network must adhere to the above policies. We reserve the right to remove any account without prior notice. If we deactivate your account for violating policy, you will forfeit your rights to a refund–and none will be given. No refunds for advanced payment. Our normal policy is a warning first, and account deactivation the second offense, but no warning is required. OffshoreDaddy reserves the right to deactivate, suspend and remove any site hosted on our servers that contains any content that it deems in its sole discretion to be unacceptable, undesirable or contraindicated.